Product List

Industrial Lubricants & Fuels

  • Mobolene Hydraulic Oils (Anti WearType)
  • Mobolene Hydraulic Oils (HLP Grade-Anti WearType)
  • Mobolene Industrial Gear Oils (EP Type & Compound Type)
  • Mobolene Compressor Oils (Receprocating, Rotary & Turbo)
  • Mobolene Turbine Oils
  • Mobolene Refrigeration Oils
  • Mobolene Metal Working Fluids - Soluble Cutting Oils / Neat Cutting Oils Honing Oils
  • Mobolene General Purpose Machinery Oils
  • Mobolene Heat Transfer Oils (Thermic Fluids)
  • Mobolene Mould Release Oils (Steel Ingot & Glass Mould)
  • Mobolene Rubber Process Oils
  • Mobolene Rust Preventives (Solvent Type & Oil Type)
  • Mobolene  Transformer Oils (New Insulting Oils)
  • Mobolene High Temperature Grease
  • Mobolene  Quenching Oils
  • Mobolene  Spindle Oils
  • Furnace Oils (FO)
  • Light Diesel Oils (LDO)


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Chairman Message
M Maximum Mileage
o Oils for OEM's
b Blended with World Class Additives
 Offering High Performance Lubricants
l Lubricant that Lubricates
e Energy Conserving
n Nation's Pride
e Equivalent to International Standards