Moblene Gear EP

Automotive Gearbox Oil

Product Description

Mob4lend MG 20W-40

Mobolene Gear EP is a high performance gear lubricant designed to provide effective lubrication in a wide range of automotive transmission and axle drives where API GL-4 quality oils are specified. It is formulated from high quality base stocks and balance extreme pressure additives to proved protection to gear components against wear and scoring. It offers protection against oxidation degradation and rust & corrosion. It meets API GL-4 and US MIL-L-2105specification for automotive gear oils.


Features & Benefits

  • Good Extreme Pressure and Antiwear properties protect against wear and scoring
  • High oxidation stability minimizes sludge and deposit formations facilitating longer gear and bearing life
  • Good anti-foam properties ensure film strength for effective lubrication
  • Excellent seal compatibility helps minimize leakages and reduce chances of contamination



  • Manual transmissions and transaxles requiring oils meeting API GL-4
  • On-road passenger cars, light and heavy duty trucks, buses and vans
  • Off-highway equipment in construction, mining and agriculture
  • Other applications involving spiral bevel gears operating under moderate to severe speeds and load and axles with hypoid gears operation under mild to moderate speeds an loads
  • Not recommended for automatic transmissions and limited-slip differentials


Pack Size : 210 l, 50 l, 20 l, 10 l, 5 l,1 l, ½ l


Specifications, Approvals & Typical Properties

Meets the following Specifications 90 140
US MIL-L-2105 X X
Typical properties
Test Parameters ASTM Method Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100 °C, cSt D 445 16.00 28.00
Viscosity Index D 2270 97 95
Flash Point, °C D 92 210 230
Pour Point, "C D 97 -15 -12
Density @ 15°C, Kg/I D 1298 0.895 0.902

Note : The above physical characterstics may vary from properties of actual product supplied

Chairman Message
M Maximum Mileage
o Oils for OEM's
b Blended with World Class Additives
 Offering High Performance Lubricants
l Lubricant that Lubricates
e Energy Conserving
n Nation's Pride
e Equivalent to International Standards

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