Moblene MG 15W-40

Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil

Product Description

Mob4lend MG 20W-40

Mobolene MG 15W-40 is an high performance heavy duty diesel engine oil specifically developed for low emission vehicles to extend engine life in the most server duty on and off-highway application. It meets the latest performance requirements of major vehicle manufacturers.


Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional oxidation stability reduces engine deposits, sludge build-up and oil thickening
  • Outstanding soot handling capability minimizes soot related viscosity increase and wear
  • High shear stability maintains viscosity at elevated temperatures leading to improved wear protection and reduced oil consumption
  • Superior protection against corrosive wear extends life of engine components.
  • ExcellentTBN retention helps in countering harmful effects or corrosive exhaust gases and extending oil life



  • Specially developed for low emission vehicles
  • Recommended for use in latest turbocharged and flow emission high performance diesel engines.
  • Recommended for application in:
    a. On- highway trucking applications operation in high speed/high load and short haul pickup/delivery vans
    b. Off-highway equipment operation in server low speed/heavy load conditions including those used in construction, mining and agriculture.
  • Also recommended forhigh performance gasoline engines and mixed fleet operations
  • Suitable for application requiring oils meeting API CL-4, CH-4, CG-4 CF-4 performance levels


Pack Size : 210 l, 50 l, 20 l,10 l, 7.5 l, 6 l, 5 l,1 l, ½ l,


Specifications & Typical Properties

Meets the following Specifications MG 15W-40
API CH-4, CI-4 X
Typical Properties  
Test Parameters ASTM Method Typical Values
Viscosity @ 100 °C, cSt D445 15.2
Viscosity Index D 2270 138
Flash Point, °C D 92 230
Pour Point, °C D 97 -30
TBN, mg KOH/g D 2896 10.0 TO 13.0
Density @ 15°C, Kg/I D 1298 0.87
Sulphated Ash, %wt D 874 1.37

Note: The above physical characteristics may vary from properties of actual product supplied

Chairman Message
M Maximum Mileage
o Oils for OEM's
b Blended with World Class Additives
 Offering High Performance Lubricants
l Lubricant that Lubricates
e Energy Conserving
n Nation's Pride
e Equivalent to International Standards

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