Moblene Ultra 2T Plus

Low Smoke 2-Stroke Motorcycle Oil

Mob4lend MG 20W-40

Product Description

Mobolene Ultra 2T Plus is a premium quality lubricant specially developed for high powered 2-stroke air cooled gasoline engines fitted with oil-injection or premix systems. It is formulated from premium quality base stocks , high performance additives for engine protection, cleanliness and low smoke in 2-stroke motorcycle/scooter engines even under severe operating conditions.


The product exceeds the latest international of specification of JASOFC, & API TC and the requirements of leading 2-stroke motorcycle/scooter manufactures.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding lubricity protects against piston scuffing and premature wear ofengine components.
  • Advanced formulation provides excellent control against engine deposits, and extended engine life.
  • Low ash additive technology prevent pre-ignition and spark plug fouling.
  • Fasy miscibility with gasoline ensures stable homogeneous mixture even at low ambient temperatures



  • Recommended for 2-stroke motorcycles /scooters.
  • Suitable for both oil-injection and premix lubrication system; follow manufacture's recommendations for oil to fuel ration.
  • Also recommended for applications specifying JASO FC or lower category oils for superior performance.


Pack Size : 210 l, 20 l, 1 l, ½ l, 40ml


Specifications, Approvals & Typical Properties

Chairman Message
M Maximum Mileage
o Oils for OEM's
b Blended with World Class Additives
 Offering High Performance Lubricants
l Lubricant that Lubricates
e Energy Conserving
n Nation's Pride
e Equivalent to International Standards

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